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Dudley College Charter 2017-18 (Your rights)


The purpose of this Charter is to let you know what services we will provide for all students and customers and the standards by which you can measure us.

The college welcomes any comment on its Charter. Any views which you have about this Charter should be directed in the first instance to the Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards 01384 363 940.

Services and Standards

Before you join us we will:

  • Provide accurate information, including course related costs, about the provision and services on offer. This can be accessed through Learner Services or the college website. (

  • Provide information on sources of available financial assistance and impartial careers/progression advice.

  • Provide guidance support that meets MATRIX national standards such as an interview within 10 working days of your request.

  • Provide an instant on-line application process, and acknowledgement, within 1 working day of your request and details of course interview arrangements within 10 working days of receipt of your completed application.

  • Carry out an assessment of your suitability for your chosen programme of study (where applicable) and support you in making the right choices.

  • Work with you, as appropriate, to identify any additional, particular needs and suitable support. (

When you join us we will:

  • Provide an induction programme within 10 days of the start of your course.

  • Provide you with an Individual Learning Plan, which will contain evidence of your prior achievements and will be regularly reviewed and updated in accordance with your needs and other requirements.

  • Provide feedback on applications for financial support within 5 working days of assessment.

While you are with us we will:

  • Provide a suitable, safe and healthy environment in which to learn.

  • Provide an inclusive, non-discriminatory environment.

  • Provide high quality teaching that is stimulating.

  • Provide you with a personal tutor and give you regular feedback on your progress.

  • Where appropriate provide you with a performance improvement and tutorial programme that includes careers education and guidance, work experience and/or opportunities to explore the world of work.

  • Provide you with access to resources to support your learning through both physical learning facilities and our on-line learning environment.

  • Mark and return all assignments and course work within 15 working days of receipt (unless you have been notified otherwise).

  • Where appropriate, provide reports on your progress to parents / guardians / employers at least once a year.

  • Provide opportunities for you to comment on, and influence, the college’s operations and activities (Learner Voice).

  • Provide any additional support identified as necessary to maximise your chances of success on your chosen programme(s). (

  • Provide an outline of course content and assessment during induction.

  • Provide dates of your examinations as soon as possible.

  • Provide you with the opportunity to participate in the Student Union* and take part in a wide range of social and cultural activities.

  • Provide you with the opportunity to raise issues and concerns/complaints/compliments through our ‘How Are We Performing’ procedure’.

  • Provide support in finding an appropriate employer for your apprenticeship programme (If applicable)

  • Provide support to develop your CV, interview skills and techniques when applying for a job through the Employment Hub.

*Under the terms of the Education Act 1994 (Student Union Reform) you have the choice to opt out of Student Union membership. Please contact the Student Union Liaison Officer who maintains the Student Union opt–out register. (

When you are ready to progress we will:

  • Provide the opportunity to access individual advice and guidance within 5 working days of request.

  • Make your assessment and examination results available within 15 working days of notification from awarding bodies.

  • Provide any employer with a reference for you within 10 working days of receipt of the request.

  • Provide you with references for up to 2 years after you leave the college.

For students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities we will also:

  • Provide specialist assessment of your learning needs.

  • Provide feedback to you from any specialist assessment within 10 working days.

  • Respond to any referrals for support within 15 working days.

  • Provide access and personal support in accordance with our college ‘Disability Statement’.

  • Provide a wide range of support and services for all students with additional or particular needs and liaise with other external organisations as appropriate.

  • Provide this Charter in Braille, tape recorded versions, electronic format or large print upon request.

All enquiries relating to additional or particular needs should be directed in the first instance to the Assistant Principal Curriculum and Standards Diana Martin 01384 363 940.

For our local communities we will also:

  • Make the charter available in a range of community languages upon request.

  • Engage in consultation with community groups to identify community needs and gain feedback on college plans and activities.

  • Promote the concept of lifelong learning for all.

  • Provide access to learning in community and outreach centres.

All enquiries relating to community needs should be directed in the first instance to the Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards Diana Martin 01384 363 940.

For international students we will also:

  • Deal with your application within 10 working days of receiving it.

  • Provide you with an orientation and induction to the college on arrival to help you to settle into studies in the UK.

  • Provide specialist support staff within the college as the main point of contact both for you, whilst studying at the college, and also for relatives and friends in your home country.

  • Provide you with a pastoral care officer for welfare and other non-academic support that you might need.

  • Identify accommodation where required.

All enquires relating to international student needs should be directed in the first instance to the International Office (Tel: 01384 363519).

Employers – please refer to our separate ‘Employer Charter’.

All enquiries relating to employers' needs should be directed in the first instance to the Commercial Director, Georgina Barnard on 01384 363 471.

What do we expect from our students?

  • We expect you to observe all college regulations and conduct yourself in a reasonable and courteous manner that ensures respect for all members of the college community.

  • To attend any additional learning support identified as a result of Initial Assessment.

  • To attend punctually and regularly and to complete all course work by stipulated deadlines.

  • If you have a specific learning difficulty or disability you are strongly encouraged to inform your course tutor so that we can assist in appropriate ways.

  • On completion of your learning programme any college property loaned to you for whatever purpose must be returned to the college.

  • To switch your mobile phones off during all learning activities, unless instructed to do otherwise.

  • To ensure that your mobile phone is switched off and surrendered to the invigilator during any examination.

In addition to the College Charter you are also invited to refer to other key college documents and information sources which support information provided in the Charter.

These include:

  • College regulations
  • Code of conduct
  • Disability Statement
  • Health and safety policy
  • Equality and Diversity policy
  • College prospectuses
  • Course and college services leaflets
  • Learning agreements
  • Information held on the student website:
  • Information held on the college website at:
  • International student handbook

To access any of the above please contact Student Services, college libraries or any Assistant Principal Curriculum and Standards.

The Charter is reviewed annually. The latest version is always available from Learner Services or the college library.

If you have any comments about any aspects of college provision or services, for which we have not named a college manager above, please contact any of the Assistant Principals Curriculum and Standards in the first instance.


All “disclosures” of information to third parties are subject to permission obtained under the terms of prevailing Data Protection Legislation.

Updated January 2018