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Student Code of Conduct

We recognise that you have come to college to gain qualifications that will ultimately lead to employment. We therefore have the same expectations of you that any other large, professional organisation would have of its employees. So that you can make the most of the opportunities at Dudley College, it is important that you understand that, in enrolling for a course, you are committing yourself to:

  • treat members of our college’s diverse community and the college environment with respect and consideration.
  • work hard to achieve your targets for aspiration, attitude, attendance and achievement.
  • attend, on time, all timetabled classes, activities and individual/group tutorials/learning support.
  • be equipped for all lessons with relevant materials and stationery.
  • meet deadlines set for handing in work.
  • actively engage with any work experience opportunity within your programme.
  • observe appropriate dress code for your subject area which may require the removal of hats/caps/hoods.
  • contribute to college life and the wider community.
  • report any absence as directed by your personal tutor by phone or email no later than 8.30 am on the day of absence.
  • report unsafe, discriminatory or bullying behaviour.
  • visibly wear your ID badge at all times whilst in college.
  • observe all college Health, Safety and Fire precautions and procedures at all times.

Unless agreed by your tutor, do not:

  • bring food or drink into lessons although bottled water may be allowed.
  • use mobile phones, MP3, tablet or other portable digital devices.

In addition you are reminded:

  • not to use foul or abusive language or engage in disruptive behaviour.
  • that the college does not tolerate bullying of any kind and any evidence of bullying, including cyber bullying, will result in disciplinary action.
  • not to spit on college premises.
  • that the college is a no-smoking environment (this includes electronic cigarettes)
  • that it is a criminal offence to carry knives, guns or any other offensive weapon on college premises. If you are found to be in possession of any such weapon you may be permanently excluded from college.
  • you must not bring any non-prescription drugs or alcohol onto college premises or be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol whilst at college.
  • not to bring controlled substance or offensive weapons onto college premises.
  • to act safely at all times.
  • that non-attendance/poor behaviour/lateness will affect your achievement.