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Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years Achievement


Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years - Achievement (2015-16 Year-End)

2016-17 year-end data will be published in November 2017.

Outcomes for Learners

Overall achievement rate A/AS level

Outcomes for A and AS level learners continues a three year trend in improving performance which is above national rates.

Overall achievement rate A level

Overall achievement rate AS level

Despite significant growth in learner numbers, Dudley Sixth A Level learners continue to succeed at a very high rate – 96.9% in 2014-15. Within this there is a picture of increasing high grade achievements for our learners with 68.1% achieving A*-C grade and 33.5% achieving A*-B grade.

AS level achievement rate has maintained at 82.6%, which is above national rate. Again there is an increase in those learners achieving high grades this year with 52.5% achieving A*-C and 25.8% achieving A*-B.

Distance travelled by learners

Alps* Value Added indicator

*Alps - Advanced level performance system

Single-year T score

Three year T score

The value added score for our learners is a measure of their final grade compared to the grades and qualifications they achieved prior to their enrolment with us. It determines whether our learners are making enough progress with their studies. The chart shows that our overall value added score for A level programmes is 4, which indicates their performance is ‘very good’ overall. The table shows the percentage of courses that reported a high value added score (in dark orange), those with a low VA score (in grey) and the rest (in light orange), over the last three years. We are pleased to see the percentage of high performing courses increasing and the percentage of low performing courses decreasing.