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Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years Diversity


Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years - Diversity (2015-16 Year-End)

2016-17 year-end data will be published in November 2017.

Learner Destinations



Learning difficulty or disability

Dudley Sixth continues to support a very diverse learner body.

In 2015-16, there were more female A level learners than male at Dudley Sixth, and the achievement rate of female learners was slightly higher than male. We continue to support a diverse mix of learners. Their ethnicity profile shows our learners as a group are more diverse than the local community. 31% of our learners are from minority groups who make up 11.5% of the local population. There are no substantial trends in achievement gaps based on ethnicity. Feedback from our learners and other stakeholders indicates that the college provides an inclusive and harmonious environment in which to study.

Dudley Sixth supports a number of learners with learning difficulties or disabilities (26 reported in 2015-16) through a wide range of support mechanisms. These learners historically achieve at a rate comparable with their peers.

Dudley Sixth is pleased to see the continued participation of learners from a wide range of backgrounds and that the support and standard of delivery ensures achievement for all.