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Apprentice Achievement


Apprenticeships and Work Based Learners - Achievement (2016-17 Year-End)

Outcomes for Learners

Overall achievement rate - all apprenticeships

Achievement rates for Apprenticeship learners have remained consistently very high for the last three years - well above national rates at all ages and levels. The methodology for achievement rate calculations has changed over these years, which makes comparison with national rates and college performance difficult, but the overall performance is well above national rates. Overall achievement rate now stands at 83.8%, well above the latest national rate of 67%, and has improved at all levels. The college is pleased to report a very high level of achievement across the bulk of its provision.


Intermediate apprenticeships

Advanced apprenticeships

Timely achievement rate - all apprenticeships

Timely achievement rates in 2016/17 at all levels remain well above latest published national rates and have improved from the previous year. Timely achievement remains a priority for the college as we continue to develop our monitoring and intervention activity with employers to ensure their apprentices are able to complete in the agreed time frames.

The college is continuing to grow the number of learners completing Higher Apprenticeships. There were 110 learners studying higher programmes in 2016/17, although only 27 of them came to the end of their studies in that period with most progressing into 2016/17. Achievement rate for these learners was 70.4% (compared to a national rate of 58.3%). Boosting Higher Apprenticeship numbers by supporting progression from advanced Apprenticeships remains a strategic priority for the college.


Intermediate apprenticeships

Advanced apprenticeships


Age group overall achievement

The college is particularly proud of the quality of Apprenticeship provision it provides. Analysis by age groups shows performance that remains high and well above national rates. This is the result of dedicated processes around the delivery and monitoring of our Apprenticeship provision and from the development of strong relationships with the employers we support.

Aged 16-18 - all levels

Aged 19-23 - all levels

Aged 24+ - all levels