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Apprentice Achievement


Apprenticeships and Work Based Learners - Achievement (2015-16 Year-End)

2016-17 year-end data will be published in November 2017.

Outcomes for Learners

Overall achievement rate - all apprenticeships

Achievement rates for apprenticeship learners have remained consistently very high for the last three years – well above national rates at all ages and levels. The overall achievement rate now stands at 85.2%, well above the latest national rate of 71.7%. There has been a 2.7% dip in performance due to two main factors. Firstly the provision taken on mid-year from Loughborough sports Park had lower achievement rates than the college, which then had an impact on overall figures. We hope to reduce this effect next academic year as the site takes on the college’s processes and procedures. Secondly, the college had a substantial contract with one large employer which failed to retain the planned numbers of learners. Beyond these two factors, the college is pleased to report a very high level of achievement across the bulk of its provision.


All ages overall achievement rate - intermediate apprenticeships

All ages overall achievement rate - advanced apprenticeships

Timely achievement rate - all apprenticeships

Timely achievement rates in 2015-16 at all levels still remain well above latest published national rates. However they have shown a drop in performance compared to the very high levels achieved last academic year. The two factors highlighted above have certainly been a considerable contributing factor to this, however we are aware of the need to strengthen our monitoring processes internally to make sure that the continued growth in learner numbers does not negatively impact on the timeliness of achievement.

The college is continuing to grow the number of learners completing Higher Apprenticeships. There were 75 learners studying higher programmes in 2015-16, although only 14 of them came to the end of their studies in that period with most progressing into 2015-16. The achievement rates for these learners was 77.3% (compared to a national rate of 64.3%). Boosting Higher Apprenticeship numbers by supporting progression from Advanced Apprenticeships remains a strategic priority for the college.


Timely achievement rate - intermediate apprenticeships

Timely achievement rate - advanced apprenticeships


Age group achievement

The college is particularly proud of the quality of the apprenticeship provision it provides. Our 16-18 provision is very strong with improving achievement rates. Adult provision is also well above national achievement rates, even with some factors affecting overall achievement this year. This is the result of dedicated processes around the delivery and monitoring of our apprenticeship provision and from the development of strong relationships with the employers we support.

16-18 Overall achievement rate - apprenticeships

19-23 Overall achievement rate - apprenticeships

24+ Overall achievement rate - apprenticeships