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Apprentice Enrolments


Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning - Enrolments (Updated In-Year)

Apprenticeship programmes for employers continue to be a priority for the college and numbers across our provision remain high. The end of 2016-17 academic year saw a reduction in apprenticeship starts as employers got to grips with the changes to funding and the introduction of the levy from 1st May. The college has also taken the decision to withdraw provision based with one of our partners which has affected the profile of starts for 16-18 apprentices at the start of the year. But core college programmes have recruited well at the start of 2017-18, particularly boosted by our new facilities in Dudley Advance II and the Construction Apprenticeship Training Centre. This looks set to grow further over coming months. It is interesting to note the shift in adult recruitment, with more employers choosing to use apprenticeship training as a vehicle to train adult employees as opposed to 16-18.

Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning - Enrolments (2015-16 Year-End)

2016-17 year-end data will be published in November 2017.

Engagement and Participation Rates

Apprentice engagement and trend analysis

As part of the college’s continued focus on the development of the apprenticeship provision for young people, we are pleased to report a continued growth in 16-18 apprenticeships, growing from 607 in 2011/12 to 1,524 in 2015/16 (a growth of 150%). This growth is supported by effective engagement with local employers and dedicated apprenticeship placement services offered by the college’s Employment Hub.

Across the same period, there has was a reduction in adult apprenticeships as employers undertook training through other mechanisms such as Train to Gain or ESF initiatives. But we are pleased to see the number of adult apprenticeships increase over the last two academic years to levels seen previously.

One significant factor in the growth of apprenticeship numbers is the college taking on sport apprenticeship provision based in Loughborough (sport Park) from another provider. This provision is focussed on sporting excellence apprenticeships for young people and compliments the college’s existing provision well. In total, some 3,845 individuals undertook apprenticeship training in 2015-16 (growth of 32%). We are pleased to be the provider of choice for many employers looking to develop staff through apprenticeship programmes.

Apprentice Provision

The heat map shows the locations where our apprenticeship learners reside. The huge majority of the college’s apprenticeship provision is based locally, with most 16-18 apprentices following a day release programme. Adult apprenticeships are often based locally, but there are pockets of focussed activity in other regions due to specific initiatives with key partner employers or sub-contractors. This includes delivery of bespoke apprenticeship programmes on employer premises. The map shows more activity nationally than in previous years, due to the new provision delivered through sport Park. The sporting Excellence programmes are delivered nationally through a network of assessors coordinated from Loughborough.