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Apprentice Satisfaction


Apprenticeships and Work Based Learners - Satisfaction (Updated In-Year)

Learner Induction Satisfaction (2017-18)


The above chart shows the 'in-year' satisfaction of our current cohort of learners, based on their initial induction survey conducted at the start of their programme. We will continue to monitor satisfaction throughout their programme and publish the end of year satisfaction results in line with the format below for 2016-17 academic year.

Apprenticeships and Work Based Learners - Satisfaction (2016-17 Year-End)

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Year end apprentice satisfaction (QDP services)

We conduct surveys each year to understand learners’ satisfaction with their programme of study and the wider college. Their feedback informs subject performance reviews and quality improvement plans. The college employs an external agency, QDP, to conduct mid and end year surveys and to benchmark the results against 80 other general Further Education colleges. The results show satisfaction levels have improved slightly from the previous year and are broadly comparable with the national comparator group.

FE Choices employer satisfaction

The chart shows the results of the externally conducted FE choices employer satisfaction survey for the last three years. Responses to the survey remain very positive, with an overall satisfaction rating of 9 for employers of apprentices and a rating of 9.3 for whether they would recommend the college. This remains one of the leading results nationally and evidences the work undertaken by the college to build relationships with the employers we serve and ensures that we provide high quality provision.