Full Time A Level Learners Aged 16-18 Years - Achievement (2018-19 Year-End)

Outcomes for Learners

Overall achievement rate A level

Bar chart showing the achievement rate of A level learners

As highlighted in the 2015/16 ASIA, the College will no longer report on the outcomes for first year A level learners following the recent qualification reforms. AS qualifications have been removed as new linear two year A level programmes are introduced. The grade outcome for learners is determined by a final exam and the end of the full two year programme, rather than an exam at the end of each year.

It can be seen that outcomes have remained comparable to the previous years since A level reforms were introduced and remain well above national rates. We are also pleased to report a further significant increase in high grades from our learners in 2018/19. Analysis shows 74.6% of learners achieved an A* - C grade which is an increase of 6.8% on 2017/18.

The College recognises that the new linear A levels are challenging for learners, but we are pleased to see that our new delivery model and ‘learner mind-set’ programme are having a positive impact on high grades performance.

Distance travelled by learners

Alps* Value Added indicator

*Alps - Advanced level performance system

Table showing A level alps score

Quality Indicator (QI) Score

The QI score provides a feel of how the College is performing relative to the Alps national benchmark. This is represented in the form of a thermometer. A value added grade of 5 shows the College performance is satisfactory to good.

The value added score for our learners is a measure of their final grade compared to the grades and qualifications they achieved prior to their enrolment with us. It determines whether our learners are making enough progress with their studies. The ‘Quality Indicator’ provides an overall measure of performance, as shown in the table above. The chart shows that our overall ‘QI’ for A level programmes in 2017/18 has risen again but still remains at grade 5, which indicates their performance is satisfactory to good. It is good to see continued improvement in value added scores, but this will remain a focus until all provision is rated ‘good or better’.