Full Time and Part Time Adult Skills Learners - Destinations (2018-19 Year-End)

Learners Destinations

All levels

Pie chart showing the destinations of adult learners across all levels

We gather information on the destination of our completing learners each year via their tutor or a phone survey conducted a few months after completion of their programme of study. The above charts show the headline destination data for all adult learners completing their studies in 2018/19, followed by an analysis by level.

Overall the survey reported that 92.3% of completing students went on to a positive destination (education, training or employment), which is consistent with 2017/18.

Analysis by academic level shows that level 1 learners’ progression was maintained at 93% (from 79% three years ago). At level 3 more than half of the adult learners progress to Higher Education. However, at level 2, we need to focus on reducing the number of adults who report destination as being unemployed or NEET.

Level 1

Pie chart showing the destinations of adult learners on level 1 programmes

Level 2

Pie chart showing the destinations of adult learners on level 2 programmes

Level 3

Pie chart showing the destinations of adult learners on level 3 programmes

Destinations by diversity type

An analysis of destinations by diversity types shows that the overall positive destination measure of our learners are broadly the same for all types. The performance of groups remain consistent with previous years.

Bar chart showing the destinations of adult learners, by diversity type

Destination of unemployed adults

The destination data below is purely for adults who reported their status as ‘unemployed’ on their first day of learning at the College. The table demonstrates a continued increase in the number of learners progressing in education and training including higher education. The college will continue to work with adults to increase the numbers gaining employment.

Bar chart showing the destinations of unemployed adult learners

Impact on Regional Skills and the Regional Economy

Breakdown of Learner Type

Our adult education provision can be broadly categorised into three strands:

  • Strand 1: Professional and Technical Updating Programmes for Adults. These programmes will help adults develop skills for progression in their careers or for entry into higher education.
  • Strand 2: Essential Skills Programmes for Adults. These are programmes aimed at developing essential skills for adults to support them progressing in work and life.
  • Strand 3: Young Adults Completing Full Time Programmes. This provision is for a small group of learners usually aged between 19 and 21 years old who complete their full time technical education programme alongside full time learners aged 16-18 years.

The chart shows how our adult learners are split between these three strands. Around 7% of adult learners belong to Strand 3, which is in line with previous year. We have continued to see an increase in Essential Skills learners in comparison with Technical Professional. This strand supports learners who require English language, literacy and numeracy skills to move on in their career or gain employment. Although it also includes programmes linked directly with employment - such as the Midland Metro programme delivered last year.

Adult learners by strand

Pie chart showing adult learners split by strand

Having an Impact Locally

The chart below shows the proportion of our adult learners that reside in the Dudley Local Authority, in the neighbouring authorities (Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Sandwell & Walsall) and outside of the region. 94% of our adult learners live within the region which is consistent with last year. This is further evidence that the College’s work is focused on ensuring local people have an impact on the local economy through skills development and training.

Adult learners based within region

Pie chart showing adult learners based within the region

STEM in the curriculum - trend analysis

The local economy relies on a workforce with high level skills and skills in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The chart below shows the percentage of qualifications completed by adult learners that were in STEM related subjects. In 2017/18 26% of our adults followed STEM programmes of study, which is similar to the previous year. We recognise the need to continue to review our remaining adult offer to ensure it meets local needs and that we are making best use of the budget for adult provision.

Bar chart showing qualifications by adult learners in STEM subjects