Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning - Destinations (2018-19 Year-End)

Impact on Regional Skills and the Regional Economy

STEM apprenticeships - trend analysis

Bar chart showing qualifications by apprentices in STEM subjects

The local economy relies on a workforce with high level skills and skills in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The chart shows the percentage of frameworks and standards completed by Apprenticeship learners that were in STEM related subjects. 1,565 (38%) of our apprentices followed STEM programmes of study, and increase of 85 learners from last year. The College is committed to continuing to growing the STEM Apprenticeship provision, which is reflected in our estate and strategic developments planned for 2018/19 and beyond. Particularly the creation of Dudley Advance II, our new centre for Modern Construction Methodologies. This will be further enhanced with the introduction of the Institute of Technology.

Proportion of apprenticeships in Black Country LEP transformational sectors

Bar chart showing proportion of apprenticeships in Black Country LEP transformational sectors

RCU Research & Consultancy Service conducted analysis of the College’s Individual Learner Record (ILR) data to review how well the College was meeting local priorities. This shows that a high proportion of our Apprenticeship learners are following programmes that are linked to Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership transformational sectors. It also shows that although some of our growth in Apprenticeships is linked to other provision (such as Leadership), the number of learners on college LEP priority programmes as a percentage has remained static – meaning growth in actual learner numbers over last three years.

Apprentice Progression

Bar chart showing the destinations of apprentices

Longitudinal analysis of destination of completing apprentice

In 2018/19, the College conducted a longitudinal survey of the impact on Apprenticeship training on individuals. A group of apprentices across a range of sectors were contacted about their career development since completion of their Apprenticeship at Dudley College of Technology. A summary of the results are shown above.

This further shows the positive impact that Apprenticeship training provided by the College has had on the individuals and their employers.