Full Time Learners Aged 16-18 Years - Achievement (2018-19 Year-End)

Outcomes for Learners

Achievement rate - all levels

Bar chart showing the achievement rate of 16 to 18 learners across all levels

Timely achievement rate - all levels

Bar chart showing the timely achievement rate of 16 to 18 learners across all levels

Achievement rates for our full time learners aged 16-18 years have remained high and are above latest published national rates at all levels. The overall achievement rate now stands at 82.3% above the last published national rate of 82.1%.

Achievement rate - level 1

Bar chart showing the achievement rate of 16 to 18 learners on level 1 programmes

Achievement rate - level 2

Bar chart showing the achievement rate of 16 to 18 learners on level 2 programmes

Achievement rate - level 3

Bar chart showing the achievement rate of 16 to 18 learners on level 3 programmes

Level 3 achievement remains above latest national rate and has maintained at the rate reported in 17/18.

Level 1 achievement has increased on the previous year, now moving above national rate.

Achievement rates on level 2 technical qualifications remain high and have improved further on the previous year to now stand at 85.9%. We are pleased that the College continues to support the huge majority of learners on these programmes to achieve a positive outcome and move on into advanced study or employment, as demonstrated by our destination data below.

Despite a good increase in English and mathematics functional skills results at level 2, when they are included in level 2 achievement rates we are now below national rates (-2.3%).

This is predominantly due to the College’s approach to delivery of English & mathematics qualifications which is different to the bulk of the sector. National rates are increasing as most colleges are choosing to put learners through GCSE retake programmes regardless of their previous grades – all of which contribute positively to achievement rates (Grade 1 – 9 all count as positive achievement). At the College our approach has been to only put learners onto GCSE when they are ready and to support their development through stepping stone functional skill qualifications, based on their ability. As functional skills qualifications are pass/fail this does not provide a like-for-like comparison of English & mathematics performance with the national picture. We believe this approach puts the learner’s needs first and ensures they are properly prepared for GCSE retake programmes – which is evidenced through our sector-leading high grade performance in both subjects.

Functional skills SfL achievement rate - all levels

Bar chart showing the functional skills achievement rate of 16 to 18 learners across all levels

We are very pleased to report a three year trend of improvement in overall achievement rates in Functional Skills. We work with learners who achieved a Grade E/2 or below to complete a functional skills qualification as a stepping stone to ultimately retake their GCSE qualification. The team have worked hard to improve the performance of learners on Entry Level and level1 programmes. We are particularly pleased to report a significant increase in achievement in level 2 Functional skills (+15% compared with 17/18) which now takes us well above national average (+9.5%).

GCSE retake results - three year trend

Bar chart showing the 16 to 18 GCSE result trends for mathematics and English

2018/19 continued to see very large number of learners undertaking GCSE retakes, having not achieved this qualification at school. Although there was a drop in performance in mathematics compared with 17/18 (40.4% 18/19 compared with 48% 17/18) high grades remain strong and well above latest national rates reported. Our approach to deliver GCSE retakes over a two year programme, with the opportunity for a first year achievement for more able learners, appears to give the best opportunity for success.

Distance travelled by learners

Alps Value Added Indicator

*Alps - Advanced level performance system

Visual showing 16 to 18 alps score
Table showing 16 to 18 alps score

The Alps T scores combines the providers value added indicator along with the top and bottom 25% teaching and learning indicators to provide an overall picture of performance. This is compared against the performance of all providers in the Alps benchmark and graded on a scale of 1 (best) to 9 (worst). A grade of 4 is considered good performance in that learners are achieving their expected grade.

The value added score for our learners is a measure of their final grade compared to the grades and qualifications they achieved prior to their enrolment with us. It determines whether our learners are making enough progress with their studies. The ‘T score’ provides an overall measure of performance, as shown in the table above. The table shows that our overall T score for learners on BTEC National Diploma programmes is improving and continues to meet the level we would expect based on the grades of our enrolling learners. However, we want to do more to ensure our learners go beyond this and achieve a grade above their expected performance. Equally, the improvements in value added scores is not seen consistently across all subject areas. Work within areas to ensure all of our learners not only succeed but do so with the highest possible grade will continue to be a focus for us.