Higher Skills Learners - Enrolments (Updated In-Year)

The figures below show our enrolments onto full or part time HNC/D programmes. As can be seen there has been a decrease in the number of adults choosing to study in this way, most likely as a result of Coronavirus. We have however seen more employers and individuals choose higher apprenticeships to support their development, which are not included in these numbers. We believe that many employers are choosing the apprenticeship route as a more cost effective means of training staff to a higher level. We continue to review of higher level offer and development new curriculum in the lead up to the opening of our Institute of Technology (opening in 2021).

Higher Skills Learners - Enrolments (2019-20 Year-End Data)

Engagement and participation rates

Learner engagement trend analysis

Line graph showing learner engagement trend analysis

The college considers higher skills learners as:

  1. HNC/D students – those studying dedicated HE programmes on a full or part time basis.

  2. Classroom based Level 4+ students – adults studying FE provision that is level 4 or higher – including professional programmes such Teacher Training.

  3. Higher Apprenticeships- those studying at level 4 and above through an Apprenticeship programme.

From the above it can be seen that the numbers on HNC/D and classroom based L4 programmes have remained fairly static but falling slightly from the 2017 high-point. In total in 2019/20 we had 312 (370) students undertaking higher level learning through classroom based and HNC/D programmes and 437 (350) through Higher Apprenticeships. The number studying through Higher Apprenticeships has continued to grow strongly despite the impact of the health pandemic. These students continue to be a strategic priority for the college and we have plans to further expand our HE offer, particularly through the opening of the Institute of Technology (planned for 2021).

Travel to Learn Map

Heatmap showing travel to learn pattern for Higher Education learners

The map shows the travel to learn pattern of our Higher Skills students in 2019-20. The majority of students are from Dudley Borough, as you would expect, with increasing numbers of students looking to remain in Dudley to study rather than travel elsewhere. However, it also shows that the college is attracting higher level students from across the wider Black Country and beyond. We are pleased to see that, as we strengthen our higher level offer and build our reputation for quality delivery of learning and skills, we are able to recruit students from greater distances.