Our Estate

Our Estate (2018-19 Year-End)

Estates Efficiency

The development of a new energy efficient estate has helped to reduce running costs. The cost per full-time learner has fallen further last year.

Figures are adjusted for inflation using a base year of 2013/14 and exclude VAT

Estates Efficiency, Cost per FTE*

*Full-time equivalent

Carbon Footprint

The college’s carbon footprint shows a continuing overall reducing trend driven by the college’s Environmental Strategy and by the development of energy efficient buildings in the Learning Quarter. 2017 -18 continued the reduction after a slight increase in 2016 – 17

Carbon footprint - Tonnes CO2e/learner

Room Utilisation

Utilisation of the estate over the last 3 years shows an increasing utilisation trend on most sites and is approximately 15% above sector averages.

Percentage room utilisation to date