Our People

Our People (2019-20 Year-End)

Staff Headcount

The staff headcount has increased by 98 full time equivalent posts to 940, this is largely due to the 93 staff who joined us from Birmingham Metropolitan College.

Staff Turnover

The college's staff turnover has remained at 10%. This remains well below the AoC national average staff turnover figure for 2017-18 of 18.2% and the AoC West Midlands average staff turnover figure for 2017-18 of 17.2%.

Staff Sickness Absence

The staff sickness absence level has remained at 6 days.

Staff Diversity


The staff ethnicity profile has increased by 2% compared to the previous academic year.


The staff gender profile has remained the same as the previous academic year.


The staff disability remained consistent with the previous academic year.

Governing Body Diversity (October 2020)

The college's Corporation (governing body) has 31% of governors from ethnic minority backgrounds. The age range of governors is not typical for the sector being younger than the norm with the majority of governors aged 55 years or under. The governing body has an equal split of male and female members.





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