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Dariusz Kalwaj, Lander Automotive Limited

Stay local to go higher with Dudley College - a Mechanical Engineering HNC graduate, Dariusz Kalwaj, demonstrates this perfectly. Having moved to the UK in 2008 with his wife and daughter, Dariusz had a broad ranging education with a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering. But with English as his second language finding a job proved difficult.

He undertook a number of courses at Dudley College in order to improve his language and business skills whilst undertaking voluntary work at the QE in Birmingham to develop his language skills. His hard work paid off when he was recruited by Lander Automotive Ltd – a Birmingham- based family-run business established in 1881 and today employing more than 400 people - as an engineering support technician. Here he was offered the opportunity to study for his HNC in Mechanical Engineering at Dudley College.

<Dariusz Kalwaj, Lander Automotive Limited

As part of his course, Dariusz continued to improve his English and engineering skills. A work-based project saw him work with 3D CAD to design and test tooling for bending pipework. The results of his project have allowed Lander to develop prototypes which are already increasing productivity.

Graduating top of his class, Dariusz received a promotion to the position of Prototype Engineer. Dariusz is responsible for developing prototype products for the automotive industry. More recently, Dariusz has prototyped fluid and air transfer products for Jaguar Land Rover.

Lander Automotive Ltd managing director, Peter Tack, is a firm believer in the value of higher level qualification to his company and commented:

“To move our business forward and continue our strong growth driven by meeting the exacting requirements of our clients, we need the right individuals with the right skills. We firmly believe in developing our people and working with partners, such as Dudley College, allows us to invest in talented individuals in the short-term who ultimately will add long-term value to the business.”