“Revelling in responsibility.”

Name: Bradley Morris

Subject: Adult Apprenticeship in Business Administration

You only need to watch Bradley in action at Moss Grove surgery to understand why he’s been nominated for this award. Everything he’s done – his academic training, skills training, his mental agility, has culminated in a lad who revels in responsibility, determined to be the best at whatever he aims for.

Despite having had to deal with some tough issues, Bradley handled them with the same professionalism he displayed in both his college courses and his workplace. He obtained the qualifications he wanted –”thanks to the in-depth training from outstanding tutors,” he recalls, “and by having subjects that were different every day. That variety was exactly what I needed to keep me on my toes.”

He adds his firm belief that “qualifications without work experience lead nowhere. In my situation I was learning coursework while working in a doctor’s surgery for my apprenticeship. It was wonderful to be able to apply what I was learning to help out others in the surgery. The entire experience has been great– the tutors, the courses, my classmates, my workmates, my employer, the entire experience. I can’t fault any of it.”

He’s taken a lot of weight off my shoulders. Because it’s spread across two practices, my workload is massive and Bradley’s contribution is utterly invaluable to me.”

Sonia - Moss Grove Surgery

“He’s also taken both practices’ computer problems upon himself (a great relief to us all). He sets schedules, refers calls, has just about become the service desk, pulls well over his weight in all departments and, frankly, no one in either practice knows how we ever got on without him. Goodness knows how we’ll manage when he leaves. Especially me”, she sighs wistfully, adding that “he’s truly loved by everyone, including our patients. Bradley’s one in a million.”

Not surprisingly, Sonia is keen to feed Bradley’s insatiable hunger for responsibility in the hopes that he will become, if not now then soon, a permanent member of the team. There’s a possibility she’ll succeed but, for now, Bradley is enthusiastically completing his Level 3 Apprenticeship-IT Users with Distinction, aiming to carry on learning and to progress as far as he can in higher education. Those who teach him at Dudley have provided much-appreciated advice and guidance on his career choices. The remaining impetus has come from Bradley’s own, unceasing ‘can-do’ attitude. No one at the college or at his workplace believes he can fail to succeed.

The last word must go to his manager, Sonia. She regularly takes on apprentices from Dudley and greatly admires the well-established team with whom she deals and who also come along to monitor the students. “They really understand my business needs” she says. They certainly got it right this time. Sonia actually rang to thank the College for introducing Bradley to her surgery. She confirmed he’s now integral to her business and loved by colleagues and patients alike.

Already a winner of widespread respect and recognition, Bradley would be a worthy winner of the Celebrating Success Award in everybody’s eyes.