Why Progress?

Why study a higher education course?

Top 10 reasons to consider higher education

Higher education (HE) is good for you! Extensive research has shown the following benefits of obtaining a higher level education:


On average, the more you learn, the more you earn. Those who have been through HE in the UK earn on average 50% more than those who haven’t.1 Over your working life, a graduate will earn over £100,000 more than someone else who has two or more A levels, who doesn’t continue to HE.


Getting a HE qualification increases your chances of being employed in the first place. An undergraduate qualification increases the probability of being employed by 3.3%.2 Overall, 93.2% of UK full-time first degree leavers were in employment and/or further study six months after graduating.3


Employers value graduates because they use their initiative without waiting for instructions, pick up knowledge quickly and bring new ideas and energy.4


HE provides an opportunity to gain intellectual fulfilment and find career satisfaction. 86.5% of graduates from 2010 reported they were satisfied with their career to date when surveyed four years later.5


FE Colleges charge lower study fees than most universities. In 2015, only seven universities charged less than the maximum £9,000 course fees per year.6


To help you meet the cost of HE there may be bursaries available from our awarding universities.


98.9% of our HE learners rated their experience as good or very good.7


89% of our HE learners nationally are in paid employment or further study six months after graduating, with others engaged in a range of activities such as taking a year out doing voluntary work.


You will develop skills that will help you stand out in a competitive employment market including critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis and communication.


Over 70% of learners studying for a university-level course at a college live within 25 miles of the college.

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