Estimated Living Costs

Estimated Living Costs

It is important to budget sensibly while you are a student to ensure that you have enough money to live on and to complete your studies.

Estimated living costs Per year
Accommodation (35 weeks)
(Average cost for homestay - 3 meals per day are usually included within this price. Student may want to purchase their own snack items which would not be included in the homestay cost.)
Food (estimated for non homestay students)  £1200
(including provision of warm clothing and footwear)
Local transport  £420
Other general living expenses
(eg. photocopying & printing, books, laundry, phone calls,
consumables, entertainment, luxuries, sports, cooking equipment etc)
Total  £7520

The cost of items can differ a great deal, a range of basic items are listed below along with their estimated price range from the cheapest to the most expensive:

Item Price (from) Price (to)
Bread £0.37 £1.50
Milk £0.40 £1.96
Butter £0.85 £2.49
Fruit (mixed basket) £0.69 £2.98
Vegetables (mixed salad) £0.59 £1.89
Tinned food £0.29 £2.25
Fresh meat/poultry (1kg) £2.18 £8.98
Eggs (6) £0.99 £2.78
Pasta (500g) £0.27 £1.69
Cheese £0.99 £2.29
Noodles (500g) £0.83 £1.79
Rice (500g) £0.75 £2.69
Trousers £10.00 £30.00
Jumper £10.00 £35.00
T-shirt £3.00 £15.00
Winter coat £25.00 £80.00
Sturdy shoes £15.00 £40.00
Rucksack £5.00 £15.00

To help you with budgeting, the British Council provides information on living and working in the UK, and they provide access to an on-line budget planner which will help you to ensure you have the finances to study in the UK at