Ofsted awards College 'Outstanding' across all areas

Dudley College's most recent Ofsted inspection has seen the local provider of post-16 education being awarded 'Outstanding' across all aspects of its provision. The judgement indicates that the services provided by the college are of an exceptional quality, that significantly exceed minimum requirements set by Government inspectors.

The four areas covered by the Social Care Inspection included outcomes for learners, quality of service, leadership & management and safeguarding, all of which were judged to have outstanding overall effectiveness, with no shortfalls identified by Ofsted.

With only the very best providers being awarded outstanding for their overall effectiveness, the findings by Ofsted endorses Dudley College as a provider whose work with young people and adult learners has been proven to be of outstanding quality.

The visit saw Ofsted inspectors assess both the wider aspects of learners' experience, such as learner support, promotion of diversity, safeguarding arrangements and enrichment, as well as the residential care of students.

The report published on 6 December 2013 found an array of outstanding practices across the college with inspectors particularly highlighting the following positive points:

  • Learners felt very safe and extremely well supported by knowledgeable lecturers and readily accessible college based support services.
  • Students' academic learning improves by on-going support with increased attendance and enhanced preparation for higher education.
  • Many overseas students recognise the benefit of studying at the college in preparation for higher education by securing key qualifications while there. This confirms that students are well motivated to achieve and the learning environment and friendships they make at Dudley College are conducive to this.
  • Responding positively to the college code of conduct, students display remarkably good behaviour, showing a high degree of respect to each other and all college staff and guests.
  • The leadership and management are outstanding.
  • The Learning Quarter provides students with an impressive variety of sporting, communal and quiet study areas that promote purposeful recreational, academic and social learning.
  • The college safeguarding policy is explicit and made known to students, parents and all other stakeholders.
  • Well established Students Union activities encourage and warmly welcome learners of all ages, nationality and ability to involve them with the proactive vibrant, friendly and supportive student body within the college.
  • College vigilance, supported by robust policies, procedures and caring practice means that bullying, abuse of emerging technologies, prejudice, and sexuality based intolerance and other instances of poor behaviour are rare and, when they may occur, are managed assertively.

Lowell Williams, Principal at Dudley College said: "We are delighted our latest Ofsted Social Care Inspection has achieved an Outstanding grade as only those providers judged to have outstanding overall effectiveness achieve this recognised quality kite-mark. 

This latest inspection builds on the college's recent Learning and Skills Inspection, published in April last year, and positions Dudley College as one of the highest performing colleges in the country."