Students support for Birmingham Dogs Home

Kind hearted students at Dudley College have collected and donated blankets, dog coats, feeding bowls, leads and toys to Birmingham Dogs Home.  The students who are all studying Foundation entry level Animal Care approached staff and students asking them for donations.

As part of their course the students look at animal cruelty and with the number of people convicted of cruelty and neglect to animals rising this prompted them to try to help and improve the lives of unwanted dogs in some way.
They chose Birmingham Dogs Home to support them as they receive no government funding so relies heavily on the generosity of donations and fund raising ideas like this.  The students decided they wanted to make the dogs stay at the dogs home even better by collecting and donating items to give them a bit more comfort during their stay. 

The students said: "Visiting Birmingham Dogs Home and talking to the staff made us realise just how much they urgently need all the help and support they can get. We have already donated £100 this year and will continue to support them.  It's good to think we have helped in some small way to improve the lives of the unwanted dogs."
Tutors Katie Lavender and Michelle Deeming at Dudley College said: "Anyone who has visited Birmingham Dogs Home cannot help but be moved by the number of unwanted dogs waiting to be re-homed. Fundraising is the life's blood of Birmingham Dogs Home, without it they simply could not exist.  It's very satisfying to think the students have helped in some way."