Dudley College Students become Masters at Money Management

Students from Dudley College are to be given the opportunity to improve their financial skills, knowledge and confidence as part of Barclays Money Skills, a money management programme running throughout the spring term in further education colleges across the UK.

The Money Skills Week launches at the college on Monday 25 February and aims to involve every 16 - 18 year old student in the week. Young people will be able to visit workshops run by Barclays staff and financial advisors which will help them with personal finances, managing budgets, fraud prevention and everyday banking.

Each day there will be lunchtime activities for students to participate in including 'Style on a Budget' - Gok style high street v designer cat walk fashion sense, taste testing of food, shopping on a budget, 'Your Money Personality' as well as top tips and money-saving ideas.

A special suite of resources is also being developed for tutors to use in classes with themes including starting your own business, keeping up with my bills and dealing with debt.

Lowell Williams, Principal of Dudley College said: "We're very excited to be bringing Barclays Money Skills to Dudley College. It's a great initiative that provides a fantastic opportunity for us to deliver money management activities to young people at a critical point in their lives, as they plan to move away from home or to get a job. The programme allows us to cover this in a way which is relevant and real.

Barclays and the National Skills Academy for Financial Services have worked in partnership to develop the week long series of money-related activities to provide students with the tools they need to stay in control of their budget. In 2012, over 100,000 students participated in interactive money management activities based on topics of interest to young people such as food, fashion and independent living.

Students who participated in 2012 demonstrated clear improvements in their money management skills, improved budgeting skills and were able to adapt their budgeting behaviour when prompted with a variety of financial scenarios.The third year of this successful programme aims to provide 200 colleges nationwide with the resources and support to run a week of money management related activities between February and May 2013.