Mobile Learning comes to Dudley College

After listening to its students and understanding their reliance on mobile technology, Dudley College has launched the new Blackboard App to make life even easier for students on the go. Blackboard is the virtual learning environment used by the college which provides every student with access to their course materials, cross college resources and enables them to stay up-to-date and in contact with their tutors.

The new Blackboard App, available for use on iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones means students can now access Blackboard to see their course assignments, view documents, check their grades and interact through on-line discussion boards, bringing the power of learning right into students' hands.

Ryan Willis, 18 from Dudley studying Sports Science explained "I'm finding accessing my course materials easier now I've downloaded the new Blackboard App. You don't have to be on a computer to check on your grades or assignment deadlines. I'm always downloading apps, especially if they are free, and think this one is a really useful."
Research carried out amongst the college population had shown that accessing information through free apps was popular and the number of new apps individuals acquired each month ranged from three to ten apps.  As soon as it was launched students began downloading the interactive app and now hundreds are accessing their resources in this way.

Richard Gibbons, Manager of Learning Resources explained "It's really important that we embrace technology to support our students, and the introduction of the Blackboard App was an obvious next step for us to take ensuring we provide the most effective communication channels for all our learners.

"Young people want to be able to access their college work and resources at any time of the day, wherever they are, so we've given them the tools to do this through this specifically designed app. Ultimately our role is to support their learning, and providing them with access to their course work through mobile technology is just one of the many ways we help students successfully complete their qualifications."

As the use of innovative technology increases across the college staff and students rely more on easy-to-access resources available day and night, it is hoped the free download will help to support mobile learning.