In the Pink

Students and staff at Dudley College's Castle View campus came together to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month when they all wore something pink recently, making it a 'PINK' Wednesday. The event saw lots of staff and students getting involved to show their support for the Breast Cancer Care charity, with over £200 being raised.

The event was promoted by college staff member Mandy Boulton, who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Now on the road to recovery, Mandy spotted the opportunity to have some fun with her work colleagues and students by getting everyone to dress up in pink, she seized the chance to get the Public Service, Health and Social Care and Early Years students organising and getting involved in their own 'PINK' Wednesday. Staff and students in the Pink

Mandy explained "The staff and students at the college have been fantastic in supporting me. They have accepted me through all the changes I've gone through, and I couldn't have done it without them. I've tried to remain very positive throughout to show people that, with the right attitude, you can fight anything and continue to live.

"I'm very well, ready to get on with life and wanted to make sure others are as successful as me in getting through such a difficult time, so it was nice to have some fun dressing up in pink and raising some cash to help others."

Donations came from those who spent the day dressed in all kinds of pink clothing such as wigs, tutus, pyjamas and socks.

Ryan Harris from Dudley, who is studying for a Diploma in Childcare & Education, said "We all got involved in the 'PINK' Wednesday event because October was Breast Cancer awareness month and we realised how important it is to raise money to help with research. Knowing what Mandy has been through made it very real for me, and being involved in the day helped me realise how vital it is for people to be aware of cancer. Everyone is terrified of cancer, but if you know more about it, then it can be easier to deal with."