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The Big Draw

Dudley College joined in the Big Draw this week the largest drawing festival in the world, with over 400 students taking part to make the event a huge success

A huge epic canvass was laid out, covering the floor of the college's main hall with both students and staff contributing to the massive piece of artwork.
Everyone, regardless of their drawing ability sketched, scribbled or drew an article they use in everyday life (such as items from their bags like a phone, purse, book, folder, lunch box, drinks bottle, apple, packet of crisps, pen, pencil, diary, calculator or bunch of keys) during the event which was organised by the Campaign for Drawing. 

Ben Gamble, centre manager for Art and Design explained: "Everybody has the capability of drawing, but many lack confidence.  By making the event fun, with no boundaries to constrict how they drew, students discovered how much they enjoyed drawing. The event also helped developed students employability skills such as; problem solving, team work and initiative.

"The exciting aspect of The Big Draw is that it's only the beginning of the project for our art and design students. They'll be taking portions of the canvass and using these as a basis to produce a further piece of art. By the end of November all these final pieces of work will be exhibited in the CUBE, our own college gallery, making this a really exciting project for our students."

Sponsoring and supporting the event by supplying the large canvass is Hollywood Monster, a local company which produces digital design and large format posters and banners.

Managing director Tim Andrews said: "Producing large scale and artwork is what we do best, so it's really good to be in at the concept stage of the Big Draw by supplying the canvass for the Dudley College event. We love being involved in creative projects such as this because we can see the benefits of enjoyment through design and art. It is also a good opportunity for us to support and encourage the next generation of creatives.”

The Big Draw has also received sponsorship from international tyre wholesaler Treadsetters who are supporting the day and some special student awards which will be linked to Treadsetters' company ethos around skills development.

Peter Smith, Treadsetters Chairman explained why they wanted to get involved "Although we have no direct link with art and design, we are a international company that values training and understands the benefits that a skilled workforce can bring to a business. Being involved in something that links to training and is as creative and off the wall as the Big Draw is a great opportunity for us to lend our support to the event.”

The Campaign for Drawing, which organises the Big Draw nationally, is an independent charity which raises the profile of drawing as a tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement.