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The Cube Gallery

Art in the Cube

'The Cube Gallery' is a brand new exhibition space situated at Dudley College's Broadway Campus. It's a space for creative students to exhibit their artwork.

The Gallery space is a large open plan atrium on two tiers, the second tier is specially designed to display large handing sculptures and canvases. The purpose of the gallery is to give creative students a place to exhibit their work. It will house numerous exhibitions which shall include collaboration with creative industries, community projects, staff and students' projects and themed exhibitions..

Curriculum Manager Ben Gamble said: "The Art, Design and Media departments are really excited to be given the opportunity to display and make work specially for this contemporary space. We have some highly talented students here at Dudley College at to be able to showcase their work is fantastic.".

The current exhibition is a retrospective of Graphic Design work by past and present students. It includes a broad range of work from book illustrations, Campaign posters and individual responses to a range of themes.