Students look forward to a brighter future

High Arcal pupilsTwo schoolboys from Sedgley are celebrating as they look forward to starting their engineering Apprenticeship with the help of Dudley College.

High Arcal pupils, Thomas Hartshorn age 16 and James Whale age 15 have been attending Dudley College one day a week to complete the Performance Engineering Operations level 1 and 2 programmes.

R P Tooling offered them the apprenticeships after they applied for the vacancies with the help of their mentor Stephen Nock who has supported them throughout their time at College.

Thomas and James said, "We are so pleased to have a job to start after leaving school.  We are both looking forward to starting work and feel Apprenticeships are a great way to get qualified for a job you want to do while earning money and furthering our education."

Steve said, "Well done to both of them, they thoroughly deserve this opportunity after working so hard over the past two years.  Apprenticeships offer a structured programme that takes you through the skills you need to do a job well.  We look forward to seeing them in September when they move on the next level of their studies."  A massive thank you must go to RP Tooling for giving two local hard working lads a great opportunity in engineering, he added.

Apprenticeships are the proven way to train a company's workforce.  They make a company more effective, productive and competitive by addressing the skills gaps directly, even more so in these uncertain economic times.