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No to EMA cuts


Dudley College Students' Union organised a rally today to support SAVE EMA between 12.30-1pm at the Dudley College Broadway Campus. This was supported by UNISON and UCU.

The Students' Union organised the rally in response to the large number of students who are concerned about the Government's plans to remove EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance).

The Students' Union President Kim Hughes said: "This is a major concern to both current and prospective students not only at Dudley College but across the country. We believe that this is a particularly cruel cut as this affects such large numbers of students from poorer economical backgrounds. Over 75% of 16-19 learners here at Dudley College depend on their EMA in order to travel to college and buy the resources they need. This is not a luxury for them this is a necessity."

The National Union of Students and Dudley College Students' Union are concerned that this decision has been based on one piece of 'poor' research. Dudley College Students' Union President Kim Hughes said: "We were not consulted when this research was carried out. The government are making these savage cuts without thinking through the consequences to students. We have been told that the current EMA system will be replaced with a £60 million fund - this is the equivalent to 90% cuts! The Government says that this fund will be available to help the most vulnerable but there are lots of concerns about how this system will operate and what it will cover.'

Students Speak Out on Radio WM ...

The Students' Union are extremely happy with the support showed by UNISON, UCU and a number of local MPs on this issue and in particular Dudley MP Ian Austin who will be speaking to students at our event.

"We have called our rally to tell the Government that they have got this decision wrong but it is not too late for them to listen. We will be inviting our local Conservative MPs to meet with us over the next couple of weeks."