New IT Courses on offer

Dudley College is successfully working with The Beacon Centre for the Blind, The Thomas Pocklington Trust, Dudley Vision Support Services and Dolphin to show visually impaired learners how IT can help them in their everyday life. 
The college responded to the many enquiries from visually impaired people who had no previous experience of IT and helped them study at a level appropriate to their skills. 
Curriculum Manager Mike Hollis said, "The whole point of the course is to give visually impaired people the opportunity to learn how to use the internet, word processing and send emails effectively to communicate in the same manner that non visually impaired people take for granted. The outcome has been an excellent example of how partnership working can make a difference to our community."
The college also works with more advanced learners offering courses at Level 1 and 2 using JAWS and Supernova software.
Linda Davies from Dudley Vision Support Services said, "We were extremely pleased when Dudley College launched the new IT course for visually impaired people as it offers an opportunity they had not had previously in the Borough.  The outcome has been an excellent example of partnership working linking together both voluntary and statutory services working with the visually impaired across the borough."
Many visually impaired adults are not aware of the learning opportunities which are available to them and we are extremely pleased that Dudley College has launched the new IT course for visually impaired people."
Visual impairment has a considerable impact on self-image and confidence, and consequently affects both the motivation and the ability to take up or continue learning. 
For more information please contact Jo Griffin on 01902 687961 or 01384 363223 or email