Take a look - Students at the Black Country Living Museum rehearsing for ‘Red by Night’ Saturday 17 May

Dudley College students are pulling together to celebrate the history of the Black Country Living Museum under the stars.

The students have selected the museum’s usually unoccupied settings Trapshop, Blacksmith House, Anchor Forge and Lench’s Oliver Shop to house unique performances.

Student Josh Chell, aged 19, from West Bromwich, is working on a performance that highlights the conflict between factory owners and teachers over the use of child labour.

“Usually we’re given a script, which we learn and then perform, but developing our own performance for the Red by Night event has been a fantastic opportunity for us,” he said.

Performing arts student Chelsea Young, 17, from Dudley, added: “We’ve already performed a couple of times at the museum, so when we were given the chance to use areas of the museum that the public don’t normally get access to we were really excited.”