Mini zoo arrives at college

Dudley College has welcomed a number of exotic animals who are all on loan from the Owl & Falconry Sanctuary and Halfpenny Green, to provide our Animal Care students with a range of unusual creatures to care for as part of their Animal Management course.

Ball pythons, Bearded Dragons, frogs, Giant African Land Snails, giant millipedes, cockroaches, turtles and an albino hedgehog are settling in to their new environment in the Animal Science department.

The students who are in the process of transforming a classroom into an animal house, to help them understand the feeding, handling, behaviour, housing and healthcare needs of exotic species. They will also learn how to maintain animal accommodation, maintain animal health and welfare, basic principles of animal biology, animal behaviour and handling and animal breeds and grooming all as part of their course.

Key features of the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Animal Science courses is to be confident in handling animals and have an understanding their daily requirements. Thanks to the support of the Owl & Falconry Centre, who are one of our work experience providers, our students can work alongside these fascinating animals on a daily basis, as well as meeting all the assessment criteria for their animal behaviour, handling and care of exotic species units.Students with reptiles

Helen Newton, Curriculum Manager for the college’s animal care courses explained “I’m really excited about the animals joining us at college and the transformation of one of our classrooms. It’s going to add such a lot of interest to an already exciting course.

“It’s essential our students get first-hand experience handling and caring for a range of animals whilst they study with us. Bringing the mini zoo into the college will give them regular access to the reptiles, insects and mammals so they can become familiar with their habits and care plans and use this practical experience not only to pass their course, but also on their CVs when applying for jobs.”

Student Rachel McQuigg said, “It’s nice to have animals in the college, to be able to handle and work with them more regularly.  We can relate our assignments to the animal’s right in our classroom.