Students at Dudley College make sure that they are up to the job

Students from Dudley College were given the opportunity to improve their employability skills as part of Prepare for Work, a new programme designed to help 100,000 further education college students across the UK maximise their chances of securing and maintaining employment.

The free programme, developed by the National Skills Academy for Financial Services and supported by Barclays, took place during April.  During the week our students activities included…

Five students from Business and Business Admin being nominated as Barclays Champions., delivering  employability-focused activities to their peers during the lunchtimes throughout the week long event.  The students who took on this role had additional opportunities to develop their skills and will be able to draw on their experiences as college champions when seeking employment or higher education. They delivered two activities:

  • Dress to Impress - This fashion show activity highlighted to students that dressing smartly and appropriately for work or interviews needn't be expensive. After asking a few students put a low-cost interview outfit together the audience had to vote on what they thought the outfit had cost. "It's surprising how good you can look for £30" one student was heard saying.
  • I want to be a ...  - A card game to improve students' understanding of the pay and characteristics relating to different jobs as well as the skills required to perform them.

Five Barclays Volunteers attended the college on Friday 24th April and along with Business Admin students, delivered tutorial sessions on the following topics:

  • 'Assessments and interviews' tutorial - Volunteers worked with small groups of students to help them understand the body language they should convey during an interview and practice using the STAR technique to effectively structure their responses to interview questions. 
  • 'Standing out from the Crowd' tutorial - Volunteers worked with small groups of students to help them to identify their key skills and experiences and write their personal profile.

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Students participated in the Built for Business competition again this year.  The competition challenges students to work in teams to develop and submit ideas for a new business and to identify the skills and qualities they will need to deliver their business idea.

Lowell Williams, Principal at Dudley College said: "We were delighted to take part in Prepare for Work initiative. It's a great initiative, which allows us to deliver high-quality employability-themed activities in a way that creates a real buzz in the college and maximises student learning. The programme has helped students develop key skills which are critical to their future success."