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The construction industry is changing and needs a workforce that is trained in new and innovative construction methods to meet the industry’s future needs.

Having recognised the challenges facing the sector, Dudley College of Technology with a significant contribution by the Local Growth Fund has invested over £12m in Dudley Advance II, our new Centre for Advanced Building Technologies. If you are serious about a career in the construction industry, then you seriously have to consider Dudley Advance II as the place to get the skills and hands-on thinking you need.

Introducing Dudley Advance II

Advance II provides skills development in high level Building Services Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Design and Building Information Modelling. It is the first of its kind in the FE sector offering students training in the latest construction techniques.

Supported by the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Local Growth Fund through Midlands Engine, we are working in partnership with leading employers across the region, who are embracing new technologies – ensuring that your training gives you the skills that they are looking for from their future workforce.

With a focus on Higher level Apprenticeships, Level 3+ qualifications and progression to degree level courses the centre is supporting the modernisation of skills development across the construction industry.

Watch it Take Shape Virtually ...

Who’s it for?

The new Centre for Advanced Building Technologies is for bright, ambitious individuals who want to learn new and exciting processes so they can be part of the changing face of construction.

We are also eager to work with businesses who can play a part in the development of skills and by joining forces, the college and construction companies can secure a better future. By contributing towards and influencing the college’s curriculum training will better meet the needs of your business. Download our Advance II booklet for more information.

Dudley Advance II will provide:

  • Apprenticeships at advanced and higher levels in a range of new and traditional trades
  • Full-time courses that appeal to talented students progressing from school or from lower level qualifications
  • Professional and technical upskilling through a range of shorter programmes aimed at upskilling the existing workforce in developing techniques such as BIM.

Inside Dudley Advance II

The layout of Dudley Advance II is being developed around the future training needs of the industry. Large areas of the new space could be mistaken for a modern office environment or laboratory, kitted out with high-tech equipment, computers and software.

A stand-out feature of the building is a four-storey high ‘hangar’ where students will be taught the practical know-how required for fabricating and assembling buildings using the latest available technologies. Adjacent to this huge open space is a five-storey tower which houses a variety of classrooms, a learning resource centre and recreational and study spaces.

Other facilities include a ‘carbon friendly technology centre’ where students can acquire skills in, among other things, the installation of air source heat pumps and photo-voltaic technologies, and a ‘construction manufacturing and fabrication centre’ where they will develop their building engineering skills.

Taking Training Further - A curriculum for the future

Much of the curriculum is driven by both industry needs and the Government’s agenda on low carbon - both for new build and retrofitting of existing buildings – to meet targets. The new materials, products and technologies involved mean new skills are required.

The curriculum will be based around four key areas:

  • Digital Technologies - modern construction design, building information modelling, home automation and building management systems
  • Building Technicians – multi-skilled construction workers, who are able to install pre-fabricated buildings and have the required mechanical, electrical and structural skills
  • Fabrication and welding - engineering training for off-site production techniques including sheet metal work and welding
  • Environmental Technologies - Design and technology around efficient construction and building operation and sustainable construction methods.

What do I need to do next?

If you are interested in finding out more about getting ahead in construction then get in touch with the Dudley Advance II Team on 01384 363 860 or email: