A Design for the Future

A Design for the Future

Dudley Advance II has been designed and built wholly around the future training needs of the industry. Well-equipped teaching areas kitted out with high-tech equipment, computers and software sit alongside large, practical spaces for hands-on skills development. As either an employer or a student, you’ll be impressed.

A stand-out feature of Dudley Advance II is our four-storey high ‘hangar’ where students are taught the practical know-how required for fabricating and assembling buildings using the latest available technologies. Adjacent to this huge open space is a five-storey tower which houses a variety of classrooms, a learning resource centre and recreational and study spaces.

We also have our ‘digital centre’ in which BIM and digital environment software packages are demonstrated and taught.

Further facilities include a ‘carbon-friendly technology centre’ where students acquire skills in, among other things, the installation of air source heat pumps and photo-voltaic technologies, and a ‘construction manufacturing and fabrication centre’ where they develop their building engineering skills.

  • Construction, Manufacturing and Fabrication centre
  • Digital centre for BIM
  • Carbon-friendly technology centre
  • Four-storey ‘internal building site’, The Hangar
  • High-tech laboratories
  • CAD/CAM facilities
  • IT learning centre
  • Recreational and study spaces.

Solid Foundations ...

Dudley Advance II

Advance II Brochure

Drone Footage

Take a look at Dudley Advance II from above with our drone footage.