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Solid Foundations

Dudley Advance II

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Solid Foundations

As a three-way partnership between employers, students and the college, Dudley Advance II delivers a winning combination.

As an employer, you have a range of benefits:

  • Recruitment: When you need to recruit, we have work-ready candidates. If you become involved as a partner employer, you may have already met college students and pre-vetted potential candidates, saving on recruitment costs.

  • Upskilling: Opportunities to train and develop your employees will be straightforward and provide lots of chances to refresh and expand skills.

  • Infuence: By contributing towards and influencing the college’s curriculum, training will better meet the needs of your business.

  • Facilities: Accessing the equipment and technology at Dudley Advance II will give your company a competitive edge.

As a student, you gain not just know-how but real industry exposure through Apprenticeship opportunities, guest speakers, site visits, mentors and real work-experience.

As a college, the partnership means we are able to continue to design, develop and deliver a cutting-edge curriculum that meets the needs of employers and provides students with the skills they need to add value straight away in their chosen industry.

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