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Dudley College of Technology have a dedicated A level Sixth Form which is Dudley Sixth. A levels are subject-based qualifications that can lead to university, further study, training, or work.

You normally study three or four A levels over two years which are usually assessed by a series of examinations. Over 500 bright young minds study A levels at Dudley Sixth each year. Their results just keep getting better with a 99% pass rate in 2019, with a 100% pass rate achieved in 28 subjects.

To help you thrive in your A level studies, Dudley Sixth is an environment that is happy, warm and supportive, with well equipped teaching rooms and laboratories as well as computer zones and quiet, study friendly support areas - with plenty of space for relaxing during breaks.

photograph of dudley sixth corridor
photograph of students in dudley sixth seating area
photograph of students studying
photograph of students working inside dudley sixth ipoint
photograph of empty dudley sixth lab
photograph of the outside of dudley sixth

A' level courses - follow your interests and see where they lead...

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