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Combined Study Programmes

For some students a mix of vocational and academic learning best suits their career choice and learning style. We are delighted to be able to offer you the following combined study programmes starting in September 2018.

Combined Study Programme

Vocational Programme

A Level Subject

Sport combined

Sport extended diploma


Arts combined

Drama/ Dance/ Art & design/ Media extended diploma

English literature/language

Tourism combined

Tourism extended diploma


Engineering combined

Engineering extended diploma

Mathematics/Further Mathematics

Business combined

Business extended diploma


Science combined

Science extended diploma


Your Programme of Study

Your course is made up of a number of elements which combined, make a programme of study. A programme of study includes the following key elements:

  • Your substantial qualification such as diploma, certificate or extended diploma
  • Work experience
  • GCSE English and mathematics or a qualification that will help you to progress to GCSE in the future
  • Optional additional A level subject
  • Tutorial time and study skills.

In the first week at college you will get your timetable for the year so you will know exactly where and when you should be in class.

Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and tutorials

Your ILP will map your learning journey through college. Academic and pastoral targets are set, recorded and regularly reviewed on the ILP by both you and your tutor. Progress towards these targets will be carefully monitored to help you achieve your learning goals. You will be able to access records of meetings, progress and reviews and attendance as well as notices of commendation or concern. The ILP is your own individual record which contains all the relevant information about your course, your qualification aims and your route to their successful completion. You will also use the ILP to formally track the number of hours spent at a work placement.

You will be able to access your ILP from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How to Apply for a Combined Study Programme

  1. Select your chosen vocational course listed above and apply on-line. 
  2. Explain in your personal statement how you would like to study the A level alongside your vocational course.
  3. Your choice of combined study programme will be discussed in your interview.

Please note: If you have already applied for any of the vocational courses listed, you still have the opportunity to study the combined programme which can be organised by your tutor.

For more detail on each of these programmes, take a look at our
combined study programmes course information summary.