Portable Storage Encryption

Portable Storage Encryption

For increased data security all college laptops are now encrypted. If you plug in a non-encrypted USB drive you will be prompted to encrypt it otherwise the drive will be read-only.

If you need to use portable storage then please follow the instructions below.

Important Notice - It is strongly recommended you encrypt USB drives on college laptops whilst connected to the network. The more data you have, the longer it will take.

  • Please make sure you have valid backups of the contents on your USB drive. IT Services cannot provide data recovery services for non college storage devices.
Bitlocker screenshot 1

Plug the storage device into the computer. You will receive a prompt as in the image.

Select "Encrypt this drive using BitLocker Drive Encryption"

Bitlocker screenshot 2

You will now be promped to enter a password. Please make sure it is a minimum of 8 characters.

Bitlocker screenshot 3

You will be prompted to export or print the recovery key. We recommend clicking Save to a file and saving it to your O-Drive (OneDrive). You will need this file if you forget the password your storage device.

Bitlocker screenshot 5

You will now be prompted to choose a suitable encryption method. We recommend you use 'Compatible mode'.

Bitlocker screenshot 6

Select 'Start encrypting'

Bitlocker screenshot 7

We recommend leaving the drive encrypting until it's complete but if you need to turn your laptop off make sure you select Pause before removing your storage.

Bitlocker screenshot 8

Once the drive has been encrypted you can remove it from your laptop.

Each time you plug the USB device into your laptop it will prompt you to enter the password you used.

Bitlocker screenshot 9

For added convenience you can have the drive automatically unlock on your laptop by selecting More Options, entering your password & ticking 'Automatically unlock on this PC'. Please note this setting does not propagate to multiple machines.

If you forget the password for your USB storage device then it may be possible to retrieve your recovery key.