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Some people just know that they want to work for themselves, or that they have a brilliant business idea that could make them lots of money and bring them commercial success.

  • But how do you turn your dreams into reality?
  • Where do you go to transform your vision into a business plan?

Our frequently asked questions will help you understand more about the Business Enterprise courses at Dudley College...

How will the course help me set up my own business?

Starting up your own business can provide you with the opportunity to consider an alternative career to being an employee. Showing entrepreneurial spirit requires innovative and creative flair as well as initiative, hard work, determination, flexibility, time management and strong communication skills - all transferable skills that can help you to stand out from the crowd when you’re starting out in the world of work either through self-employment or as an employer or employee.


What happens if I decide to go into employment rather than work for myself?

Enterprising students who can create their own opportunities have a real advantage in the jobs market and are highly valued by employers. We believe that all of our students, if given the opportunity to develop and, crucially, to practise, have the ability to become much more enterprising and entrepreneurial in the way that they think and act. Enterprise isn’t just about starting a business – it’s also about learning and developing skills that you may never have known you had and that you can use in various ways both inside and outside the workplace.

Remember Enterprise isn’t just about having your own business; it’s about innovating business as a whole.


Can I go to University?

Yes you can, the qualifications carry UCAS points. Also many universities now have areas where you can continue to develop your business alongside your qualification. You will be able to utilise your own network of contacts gained whilst at the academy as well as all of the skills you have gained.


Why are students required to wear business dress?

This is about focus, confidence, self-discipline and adopting a business attitude. Okay, so your business may not require you to wear a suit, but it’s essential that whilst you’re learning and perfecting your business skills you wear business dress, at first it feels strange but as you start to take part in enterprise activities you will understand.


How will this course help me to building my confidence and enhancing my communication skills?

During the course you will meet and engage with the Business community through a variety of ways every week, see Enterprise Day. At every opportunity we’ll be encouraging you to ask questions, meet new people, deliver presentations and polish those all important skills to make you confident and understood in a business environment.


Why has this qualification been created?

The BTEC Level 3 in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship addresses the need for enterprise to be offered to students in further education identified by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) in ‘Enterprise: Unlocking the UK’s Talent’ (March 2008).


Is the qualification recognised by businesses?

Yes. The qualification has been developed in consultation with the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI), maps to the National Occupational Standards in Business Enterprise and is backed by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and the Federation of Small Businesses. The academy also has many local and national business partnerships that support the students.


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Jason Jones

Leisure industry retailer

"My plan is to open a chain of health and fitness gyms. Within the gym I would like to provide beauty therapy treatments and outdoor activities, including boot camps and sponsored team events."


Jonathon Lunn

Fishing tacke retailer/developer

"Fishin4youth is an organisation I set up whilst still at school. I’m hoping to grow the brand, expand the product line and develop and produce an innovative device."


Katherine Baker


"My ambition is to create a unique old fashioned English themed ‘pub’ restaurant. I will hold themed nights; customers will be able to suggest which themes to be held. To be innovate customers can choose their own portion size."