Dudley College Enterprise Students Win CIPS Negotiation Challenge 2014

January 2014

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply(CIPS), the global authority on purchasing and supply chain management, and the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy launched a national negotiation challenge to all PJEA colleges across the UK. The challenge was made up of two rounds and a final.

Round 1

CIPS provided each college with a mentor and we welcomed Sue Randal who facilitated Round 1 which was a team-based negotiation challenge. The class was split into teams and set different scenarios, which they had to research and present their findings to a panel comprising college staff and the CIPS mentor. Teams were scored by the panel and the winning team then progressed to national round 2.

Round 2

The winning team from each Academy had to produce a video of their presentation and submit it to CIPS - the brief said be creative, so we took that literally!

Filming the video - rather than submitting a classroom-filmed video, Dudley students teamed up with Media Students from the college and filmed at Westfield Sports Car manufacturers in Kingswinford. The results were fantastic and showed our understanding of supply chain.

Later that week the video was edited by our media colleagues and submitted to CIPS by the 5pm deadline.

Over 20 academies submitted videos as part of the second round. These presentations were judged by a national panel and the following six finalists were announced:

  • Warwickshire College
  • East Durham College
  • Westminster Kingsway College
  • City College Coventry
  • Dudley College
  • Leicester College

March 2014 - Final at Jaguar Land Rover Visitor Centre, Birmingham, (JLR)

Part 1- 'Property Developer Challenge'

The final stage of the competition saw students take part in the 'Property Developer Challenge'. Split into two groups, the teams were given plots of land and briefed to negotiate with the other team to buy and sell additional space to maximize the value of their original plot. We acquired eight plots of land and retained £128,000, which put us in pole position at this stage of the competition.

Part 2 - JLR Boardroom

Students then presented their findings back to the panel of judges in the JLR boardroom. The panel included Brian Davy, Purchasing Director, JLR and David Noble, CIPS CEO, plus other key members of JLR and CIPS – all done without speaker notes!

The panel assessed the individual teams based on their negotiation skills during the challenge.

When asked "How did you approach the challenge?" the students replied: "By having a strategy that could be adapted to suit and used all of our strengths at different points during the negotiation".

When asked "Other teams have come into the Boardroom and have spoken over each other and at points seemed to be having different conversations, how have you managed not to do that?"

Dudley students replied "Planning - on the journey here we agreed to take turns, we even have a signal that we use if one of us wishes to add a comment rather than having a free for all".

And The Winner is Dudley College.

Dudley College students Prentice Kuda , Dominic Allen, Nik Sithole and Klye Rowson with Brian Davy, JLR

"What won it in the end was not the asset value you came out with but how the other teams regarded you. Respect, trustworthiness, listening and understanding the brief. It is as much about good behaviours as getting the most value."

Brian Davy, Purchasing Director– JLR

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