Accessing Your Account

Office 365 Self Service

Accessing and Activating Your Account

Learner accounts are activated using Microsoft Office 365. Follow the steps below to activate your account and access your apps.

Welcome to Office dialogue box

1. Open an internet browser such as Chrome or Edge. Then, go to the Office 365 login page at and select Sign In.

Office 365 Sign in screen

2. Enter your email address in the format of YOUR student ID number with as many zeros at the start to make it 8 digits. For example if your ID number was 123456 your email address would be then click next.

Please note: Your student ID number can be found on your student statement which we sent to your personal email address you when you enrolled.

College ADFS login page

3. You’ll then be prompted to enter your current password. This is your date of birth in the format ddmmyyyy e.g. 11042002.

Then enter a new password of your choice, and confirm that password by typing it again. Then click Sign in.

Microsoft More information required dialogue box

4. Next, you’ll be prompted for more information. Click Next to proceed.

Keep your account secure screenChoose a different method dialogue

5. You’ll be prompted to choose a method to keep your college account secure i.e. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

You can choose either a) to download the Microsoft Authenticator app or b) I want to setup up a different method, where you can use the drop down to select Phone.

Follow the on-screen prompts.

Keep your account secure success screenOffice 365 homepage

6. Once verified, you’ll see a success message. Choose Next, then Done and you’ll be taken to the Office 365 homepage where you can access your college Microsoft applications such as Outlook email and Teams.