Accessing Your Account

Accessing and Activating Your Account

VMWare screen shot 1Logging in for the first time (activating your account)

Once you are enrolled, before you can use any college systems (Blackboard, MyDay, Office365, ProMonitor etc), your student account MUST be activated. To do this, either log into a student PC in college, or externally from any Internet connected device follow the process:

  • Select activate my account

  • Enter your username (which is your student id number with as many leading zeros required to make it 8 digits)

  • Enter your initial password (which is your date of birth in the 8 digit format ddmmyyyy).

For example a student with an id of 12345, born 1st of March 2001, would have a username of 00012345 and password of 01032001

  • Choose 'STUDENTS' from the drop-down list of domains

  • Choose the [Login] button and as this is your first login it will force you to change your initial password

  • Follow the prompts to change your password

Your account, including your email address, will be activated and using your new password you will be able to log into the other systems.

Resetting Your Password

If you forget your password, or become locked out, please visit reset your password and follow the instructions.