Childcare Support For Adults

Childcare Support for Adults

Adult learners over the age of 20 can apply for help with the cost of childcare to cover timetabled hours.

An OFSTED registered childcare provider must be used and no support can be offered for informal or unregistered childcare. Childcare funding will be for agreed hours/costs only and is capped at £50 per child per day, where a childcare provider charges above the capped rate, the learner is expected to pay the difference and Dudley College reserve the right not to meet the costs of retainer fees when said fees are deemed to be too high.

Please note: where a child is aged 3 or 4 at the start of the 2022/23 academic year or turns 3 during the year they will be eligible for Nursery Education Funding (NEF) this entitles eligible children to 15 hours of free nursery education, this also relates to some 2 year olds who may be eligible for the government scheme called Time for Twos, these 15 hours must be used to cover the learner’s childcare needs in the first instance whilst at college. Where the 15 hours is not sufficient to cover all timetabled lessons Dudley college may fund a small “top up”.

Learners who are under the age of 20 at the start of the academic year can apply for another government scheme called care2learn, please speak to a member of the Learner finance team on 01384 363555 for further information.

Learners should not begin using a childcare provider before confirmation of eligibility from Dudley college is confirmed as any fees incurred with be the learners responsibly.

All bursary and hardship fund forms are available to Dudley College learners via the student MyDudleyCollege dashboard, alternatively a direct link can be emailed to learners. Links requests should be emailed to the student finance team at