Higher Education Loans

Higher Education Loans

Learners wishing to enrol on a Higher Education course here at Dudley college may be able to borrow money to help pay for college tuition fees and to help with living costs.

Learners might get extra money on top of this, for example if on a low income, or are disabled or have children.

How to apply for funding from Student Finance England

Most full-time and part-time students can apply online to Student Finance England and then complete the following steps:

  1. Set up a student finance online account.
  2. Log in and complete the online application.
  3. Include your household income if needed. Learners parent or partner will be asked to confirm these details.
  4. Send in proof of identity, if needed.

Where learners cannot apply online, they can call Student Finance England for support.

Please visit www.gov.uk for further information or make an appointment with a member of the student finance team at Dudley College for further support.